Sprint Pro is a block-based UI kit to build wireframes, prototypes on Webflow.

When you build website wireframes, prototypes using Webflow, you simply drag and drop HTML elements from the elements' panel. Likewise, with the Sprint Pro UI kit, you have to copy & paste blocks to your Webflow page. And then, you only have to add your content to blocks to build your wireframes, prototypes. Optionally, you can add/remove new HTML elements, change styles of block elements as per your needs.

This documentation presents elements and global classes created for the Sprint Pro UI kit. Go through this documentation to understand the Sprint Pro UI kit in a better way.


Global classes

They are created to apply basic styles like margin, padding, font-weight, show/hide elements, etc. to any HTML element. You can create as many global classes as you want based on your design needs.

Making changes to any existing global class will affect the Sprint Pro UI kit and its blocks too. If you don't want to let this happen, there are two good practices that you can follow.
1. Duplicate a global class, and change its styles.
2. Create a combo class with a global class, and change its styles.

But, if making changes to the global classes is your need, and you're fine with the changes that will apply to the UI kit and its blocks, you can go for it.

Style Guide and Global Classes pages have all the global classes.

Dedicated classes

Each block in the Sprint Pro UI kit has its own dedicated classes. So making changes to such classes will only affect that specific block.

E.g. Feature 1 block in the Features category has four dedicated classes.
- Features 1
- Features 1 Grid
- Features 1 Box
- Features 1 Icon
Making changes to any of the dedicated classes above will only affect to the Features 1 block throughout your Webflow project.

You can also use any dedicated class separately in your Webflow project as per your needs. In that case, making changes to a dedicated class will affect each element having that class.

So again, it's better to duplicate a dedicated class and change its styles, or create a combo class with a dedicated class and change its styles. Doing this will not affect the native blocks or dedicated classes.